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On Jests (and Jesters) on the Day of Misrule:
Locating “mischief” in a historical context against modernity

Presented to the Ph.D committee of the
Department of Comparative Folklore
by By Avram D. Tuchmann

The contemporary notion of "April Fools Day" is one that Hegel described as a dialectical subversion of hegemony ("Lenin, Hegel, and Coyote: The Trickster Figure in Marxist Theory," p. 343) utilizing the concept of the "jest," or "prank," or "mildly detrimental and ludicrous act." Such an act occupies the sphere of influence contrary to what one were, or what one would (were one willing to witness) whatever one could wish for while waiting without what Wittgenstein called "Weltschmerz" —


It is we, Dr. Profanity and Vic Vulgar!

And we command you to buy Vice-President of the United States Richard Cheney a Segway scooter!

We hereby announce our intention to use the Wicked Projects Fund to obtain and customize a Segway scooter for the most fearsome villain of our time, Dick Cheney. Despite all the obvious signs—mysterious disappearances, menacing proclamations, wolf-like leer, heat vision—you may not know that Dick Cheney is a supervillain. As if someone who has so ardently waged war against the environment could be anything else!

Dick Cheney now
Dick Cheney soon

Our brother Dick Cheney is deeply, deeply closeted. Yet supervillains have been Vice-Presidents ever since Aaron Burr! Even Al Gore was a card-carrying member of the Legion of Bastards. However, we believe that if we obtain for Dick Cheney a proper villain vehicle—one that will help him conserve his precious villainous energy and help transport him speedily down those long West Wing halls—he will let his fear flag fly.

Please help us help Brother Cheney. The Wicked Projects Fund needs your donations to purchase a Segway, paint it scary colors, offer it to The Violator (as he’s known in the industry) and convince him to wear his costume in public. We want our place at the table.

Dr. Profanity and Vic Vulgar
Members in good standing, Legion of Bastards

P.S. We promise we will not use your money for this:

while a witless one might wish for Weltanschauung, wondering why one would want, were one without one, such a holiday as April Fool’s Day.

6 As was common among "loose" women of that era.

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