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NEWSFLASH: Cindy is Banished!

News from the fishbowl:
Cindy is Banished

INSIDE THE BOWL, Cindy was the object of desire, envy, and lust. But outside the bowl, and according to a resident veterinarian, she was dead, and apparently 38% thought that was a good enough reason to banish her. Cindy didn't say much, but she made us smile, she made us cry, and she made the levels of ammonia and carbon-dioxide in the bowl dangerously high. So Cindy leaves the bowl and with her takes all of the death out of Life in the Fishbowl.

Read the news from last week, then watch the video. And don’t forget to cast your final vote to determine who will win the $500,000.

Week Three:

7/20 Quiet Time
With only three fish left, the bowl is noticeably quieter. The guests are keeping to themselves more, and Ralph seems to be taking it the hardest. Using some bottom pebbles and a discarded fish food bottle top, Ralph has constructed a smaller "bowl" inside the bowl, which he calls Little Brother. Ralph spends most of his time moving imaginary fish around and saying, "Ha-ha, I see you pooping. I can hear you talking. I see you naked." Every five minutes he ejects a mini-Cindy from Little Brother, and makes mini-Ralph and mini-Carassius start kissing. When Carassius swims by, Ralph tries to cover by saying, "I have gone crazy."

7/21 Tragedy.
A chicken drowns, Ralph is devastated.

7/23 Challenge: Trading Places
For this week’s challenge, Big Brother randomly assigned contestants the name of one bowlmate. The contestant then had to imitate the fish whose name he was given, and whoever did the best impression won the challenge and with it, the promise of dinner and dancing with Darva Conger, an eel.

Carassius was given "Cindy." Cindy drew "Carassius." And Ralph was given "Ralph."

Carassius imitating Cindy: "I think Carassius is hot, but I'm too stuck-up to tell anyone about it. Oh, you're talking? Well, I'm just going to float away. Now I'll swim upside down and lose a fin."

Cindy imitating Carassius: (Cindy floats away).

Ralph imitating Ralph (spoken acidly and with obvious dislike): "I'm being Ralph...I hate my wife...I killed my best friend...blah, blah... feel bad for me...oh, I also killed a minnow, because she looked so innocent...blah, one gets along with Ralph, I mean me, because he's so self-righteous, and he has a secret crush on Carassius, but he's too old-fashioned to come out...oops."

7/24 Making Waves
After weeks of waiting for Cindy to say "yes," Carassius finally realized she hadn't said "no" yet either. In fact she hadn't said anything at all. On Monday night, Carassius made his move and the next morning was boasting to Ralph that he and Cindy were now "an item." Big Brother’s infrared cameras keep track of the fish at night, but were unable to confirm or deny Carassius’s claims as Cindy produces no body heat.

7/25 Best Fish Forever
Big Brother records a conversation between Ralph and Carassius.

Ralph: Do you ever feel like we're being watched?
Carassius: Yes, we are being watched.
Ralph: No, by people with cameras and microphones.
Carassius: Yes, that is happening.
Ralph: Oh good, I thought I was going crazy.
Carassius: I wouldn’t rule anything out, dude.
Ralph: I’ll tell you one thing: they’re not gonna catch me pooping on camera.
Carassius: I’m gonna go see what Cindy is up to.

7/26 Cindy is banished
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Cindy's final words: None, but Cindy’s agent says she is available for commercial work and non-speaking roles.

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