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1 bowl. 5 fish. 36 days. $500,000.

FOR FIVE WEEKS, in the summer of 2000, a small group of goldfish shared a single bowl, while hidden cameras watched their every move. At stake: half a million dollars and their dignity. Scooped from ponds and tanks across the country, these fish bumped up against each other’s prejudices, their own limitations and the side of the bowl, as they competed for the grand prize. Each week, viewers like you voted to select a different fish for banishment until only one was left. Relive the excitement of "Big Brother: Life in the Fishbowl."

Meet The Contestants
(Click on each photo for biography)

The Complete Big Brother:
Life in the Fishbowl

[ Week One ]

[ Week Two ]

[ Week Three ]

[ Week Four ]

Live Cam
What’s happening
in the bowl right now!

(Camera refreshes
every ten seconds)

View Other
Cameras were hidden around the fishbowl. Click here for more angles.

Scenes from the shower cam!
Big Brother followed fish everywhere— even into the shower. See it now. (Warning: Must be 18 or over to view these images).

Banished 7/12
Video - Final Vote

Banished 7/19
Video - Final Vote

Banished 7/26
Video - Final Vote

Banished 8/10
Video - Final Vote

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